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Quest Giver is a first person simulation game, where you have to customize quests and adapt them to your adventurers needs.

Your task is to create and adapt quests for different adventurers. Each adventurer wants a variation of challenges and you need to create quests that fits their needs.

Take control of the Quest creator, where you can customize quests from their types to their goals. The Quests difficulty will depend on your choices and some adventurers wants more challenge than others.


Dennis Löfgren - Technical Design, UI Design, Sound
Leo Alkberg - Technical Design, Game Design
Leo Raitaniemi - Level Design, Technical Art, Sound


Use the mouse cursor to navigate the UI displayed on the screen.


quest-giver-win32-final.zip 2.8 GB
Version 1 Jul 09, 2023


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So a few questions:
How do you quit the game?
Is there any cost to sending an adventurer off on the wrong quest? And how did you make those ui ring materials?

1. Just Alt + F4 to quit. We didn't have time to implement a Quit Game button unfortunately.

2. The cost is that they could fail the quest and that invalidates one of your quest slots. Losing all 7 is game over. (We didn't have time for a tutorial either)

3. I followed this tutorial for the radial progress bars.

Thanks for playing the game!